An Airline Ticketing Platform For Sub Agents

Galileo Remote document production (ticketing) for consolidators and their subagents.
Fast and easy production of tickets, refunds, revalidations and voids.​


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non-IATA like an IATA agency

ClarityBSP provides comprehensive ticketing and management automation solution for NON IATA agents.

  • Document production in Galileo smartpoint with smartpoint entries
  • Check current balance
  • Online reporting

Simply download the Sub Agency Ticketing (SAT) plugin and start issuing tickets. 

ClarityBSP Benefits

  • Access to airline private fares
  • Access to inventory of all airlines 
  • Real time capping system – Deposit and issue ticket same day to avoid credit risk and blocking NON-IATA agent’s funds
  • Retain and earn GDS segment fee
  • Call support

Empowering Non-IATA travel agents